I laugh at inappropriate times.  Sometimes it’s because I’m nervous.  Other times, it is because I find the most inappropriate things HILAROUS.  Like when I walk into walls.  Or when someone I know is in an uncomfortable position.

I am a fan of movies I should not be proud of loving.  Take The Holy Grail for example.  I can find an appropriate quote from that movie for any situation.  And crack myself up.  Sometimes people laugh with me.  Most of the time, people laugh at me laughing at myself.  Or they just laugh at me.

Tonight I saw The Hangover.  Would I want a child of mine watching that movie before th age of 35?  Heck no.  Did I laugh almost constantly for 80 of the 90 minutes.  Yes.  There are so many one liners that I don’t even know where to begin.  My favorite part of the movie is the dentist with the missing tooth.  He kind of reminds me of someone I know…which is making me laugh even as I type this blog.

God has given me the gift of laughter.  I love to laugh.  I have a laugh that is known.  I’ve been to taped conferences, and friends tell me months after that they hear me laughing on the tape.  (Maybe that makes my laugh obnoxious, not just known…you be the judge.)

I laugh a lot at work as well.  Sometimes finding something to laugh at is the only way I can deal with tense moments.  Or overly emotional moments.  I have a tough job at times.  In six months, I’ve made three people cry.  There are times when I have to deliver news to people that literally brings them to tears.  My knee jerk reaction is to cry with them.  I’ve trained myself to find a way to make the person laugh.

In The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle says that you should accept moments as if you’ve chosen them.  For me to take that piece of advice, I have to laugh at a lot of circumstances.  And pretend that I’m starring in my own sitcom that I’ve not been told is being taped.

Welcome to Crazy Land 🙂

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