I’m sitting here watching Sports Center, and the big story of the night is that Michael Vick is on his way out of prison.  The debate…whether of not he’s be able to return to the NFL.

What he and his friends did was HORRIBLE.  Dog fighting makes me physically ill.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s a depraved disgusting excuse to abuse animals.  He’s paid his dues.  He did his time in prison.  More time than he probably would’ve done had he abused a child or trafficked a human being…which is a grave injustice, but a topic for another blog.  He’s been financially punished.  He has to do a number of public service announcements reminding himself and all of those who watch what an a$*hole he and his friend are who fought the dogs.

I may have an unpopular stance, but I think that we should allow him to put his idiocracy behind him.  I miss seeing him on the field.  He was an exciting quarterback to watch…an easy quarterback to loathe is he’s playing against your team.  Let’s forgive the man.  If he can get himself into NFL shape, why not give him the chance to redeem himself and enter back into the league?  We give drug addicts and physically abusive men a second chance.  Hell, we give thm a free pass, buy their marketing products and line their bank accounts with our money

I’m tired of hypocrisy.  We forgive people who deserve death then we crucify people who maybe should get another shot.  I know I’m a hypocrite…but I’m also a sucker for a good comeback story.  Forgive the man and give him a chance to do one thing he’s good at…football.

Maybe, because I’m writing this blog, I’ll get the book rights to Michael Vick’s comeback story.  HINT HINT–if you read this, Mike…ring me up 🙂

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