I’m living in a world of unspoken words that are lingering, waiting, wanting to be spoken.

I’ve been silent because at the moment, I am a loss for words.  Shocking…but I’m trying to write through it.

My friend and I have decided to be roommates.  Today she went out apartment searching.  In so many ways, we are similar.  In so many other ways, completely different.  She took her parents apartment hunting.  I tend to do these things on my own.  She knows exactly what she wants out of life and is zealously puruing it.  I am figuring things out day by day.  Looks like they found the best place in Philly.  It’s in the neighborhood that I want to live in and is apparently ah-mazing.  I can’t wait to see it.

There is another situation in my life that perplexes me.  I try daily to understand exactly what is going on.  I also try daily not to try to figure things out…you know…live day by day, minute by minute.  But I am a thinker, a processor.  I am a writer, a person who creates scenes in her mind and puts them down on paper.  How can I not do the same with my own life?

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