Dear Anonymous

People are funny. 

For some reason, I’ve had a few rude comments left.  Frankly, I find that amusing rather than distressing.  The reason?  The people who have an issue with me don’t have the backbone to identify themselves.

The internet takes many inhibitions away.  Anonymity gives people permission to be funny, vociferous, rude when they are otherwise boring, quiet and polite.  I post quips on a site called Ruminations. I find myself saying things that I wouldn’t necessarily say in a face to face conversation, though I have few boundaries when it comes to the propriety of what I say.

Overall, I think that the internet has a good effect on people.  I’m in contact with people who I’d never meet in person.  I’m facebook friends with people with whom I lost contact as soon as Pomp and Circumstance stopped playing at graduation.

However, I think that we all need to remember that behind every lcd screen is a real, living, breathing human being.  I have pretty thick skin.  However, what if some of the things that have been said to me were said to a suicidal or homocidal person?  Chew on that.

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