Moving forward and moving out

I looked at an amazing apartment.  Great location.  Beautiful apartment.  Relatively inexpensive parking two blocks away.  Laid back potential roommate.

Did I mention the huge bedroom with exposed brick?  The gas range?  1.5 bathrooms?  Washer and dryer in the apartment? 

My problem now is that I’ve set way to high a standard for what I want.  Unless it happens.  In which case, I’ll live there until I get married,move to a house in suburbia, have 2.5 kids, a dog and a white picket fence, driving my kids back and forth to soccer practice in my dorky minivan.  (IF I ever drive a minivan, I fully give whoever remembers this blog permission to smack me.)

I’m looking forward to moving out and moving forward.

2 thoughts on “Moving forward and moving out

  1. Now let me make sure I got this straight; am I dorky because I have a mini van, or is my mini van dorky, or am I just dorky without the mini van? 🙂

    your dorky?! chillpastor

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