Tough decisions

Good is the enemy of great. 

I love saying that, but living that out is not easy.  Sometimes you have to turn down really good ideas to wait for the great ones.  That sucks, especially when there is something that you’re itching to do when the timing is off.

It’s hard to say no to something that exists to wait for something that you know exists but have yet to see.

It’s hard to say no to something that involves your friends to do the same thing with strangers.

It’s hard to be hard-nosed when you naturally exhibit grace.

Great leaders have to make difficult decisions.  Great leaders have the ability to see what is good for them and what is great for them and decide accordingly, even if the decisions make no sense to those around them.  Great leaders know what their mission is.  They know their strengths and weaknesses.  They build on their strengths and they staff their weaknesses.  Great leaders know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em.

I’ve never wanted to be good.  At anything I do.  I’ve always aspired to greatness.  Right now, I have to stop doing the good stuff and either embrace the great stuff or wait for the great to appear.

Here’s to the tough decisions.  No good.  Yes great.

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