Let’s spend some time

Last night I loaded my iPod with some new tunes–songs that I listened to what seems like a lifetime ago–in anticipation of the time I spend on the road and on the treadmill.

I was utterly unprepared for the reaction I would have as I was driving to work.

I remembered the flush of first love, my nerves on edge, wanting more.  I mourned the love turning to obligation.  I’ve been looking back, mulling over the smallest details. I never sensed change.  I didn’t see the crushing blow of my bad decisions coming.

You turn my mourning into dancing.  My tears are not for naught.  The wounds my heart bears remind me of mistakes I’ve made, lessons seared into the deepest part of my being.

Today is where my book begins.  The rest is still unwritten.  (Thanks Natasha for that line.)

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