I only know life through the lens of my own experiences.  Intellectual things come easily and naturally to me.  They always have.  I’m a fast-learner…I just pick things up.  I was an A student with the smallest effort.  The only time I got less than an A was when I was disinterested in the subject material.   

Normally, the only time I don’t pick things up easily is when I am riddled with my own insecurities.

At the risk of sound arrogant, I tend to get frustrated with people who don’t apprehend things quickly.  I also get frustrated with people who’ve been doing things for a long time who consistently make mistakes.  Perhaps it’s perfectionism; perhaps it’s having a Type A Personality.  No matter how you spell it, it’s something that I have to work on.

While I was driving to a meeting today, I had a thought.  There are some people who are just average.  Who just want to be average.  Average is the best that they will ever be.  And that is okay.  It is unfair of me to expect average people to be exceptional.  That would like me expecting my 9 year old niece to understand the deeper meanings contained in Moby Dick.  

Tomorrow is (hopefully) going to be a different day.  I am going to walk into the day realizing that everyone has different abilities, and accepting those abilities rather than having unrealistic expectations.

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