Christmas prayer

Father God, please remind me why we celebrate this season.  It’s not about presents.  It’s not about the perfect turkey and supper.  It’s not about a pretty tree and nicely wrapped presents.  Lord Jesus, thank you for being willing to take on human flesh to bear our sins, my sins.  Father God, thank you for giving me the free will to love you–or not.  Thank you for giving me a way to commune with you directly through your Son.  Holy Spirit, I ask you to fill my being.  Let me see You wherever I look.  Let everything I do be glorifying to You and not to me or anyone else.  Let me love as you have loved.  Lord, my present to you this year is my life…take me, break my heart for those things that break your heart.  Take my brokenness and make me whole.

Father, I pray that you bless every person who reads this prayer.  Father, I pray that they eyes of their understanding would be opened to You.  I pray that Your love would pour into their lives.  I pray, God, that You would let people know who You are and that You have their best interest at heart.  Father, I pray that you would bless each and every person until their cup runneth over.

Father, I love you.  I worship you and bless you in this season and throughout the entire year.

In Jesus’ name,

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