laughingToday my mother and I ran some errands.  We actually spent the entire afternoon going here and there.  I’m not a big crowd person, so when I was standing in line at the mall, I started to break out in hives.  OK…not really.  The crowds weren’t all that bad.  I just loathe Christmastime at the mall.  Instead of remembering why I celebrate Christmas, I find myself hyperventilating, especially this year, because no presents will be purchased.  Anyway…

Mom and I went to ULTA so that I could buy some hair dye and face wash…with a coupon 🙂  Way to be economical! While we were standing in line, she offered to pay and I declined.  I said that hair dye and face wash were my presents from my Oma.  I chuckled, as did the people in line.  My mom got all momma lion on them and snapped, telling them about my latest work debacle.

I honestly didn’t know what was happening.  I was having a good time and was a bit humiliated that she told total strangers my personal business.  She took their laughter as laughing at me rather than with me and was super-protective.  It was a very interesting situation.

Either way, my grey hair has been covered for a few weeks.  Mom was mom, and I got a good laugh.  Good times…good times.

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