Sticks and stones…

I find it interesting at best, problematic at worst that when I express my opinion, I am called judgmental or a hater.   When other people express their opinions, they consider themselves pragmatic, intelligent, informed.

Unless my right to free speech, guaranteed by the Constitution, has been rescinded, I have the right to say whatever I want.  I can express my disappointment if I so choose.  I can express my excitement if I so choose. 

I don’t recall stooping to name-calling during the election season.  Yes, I have questioned the integrity of the candidates.  I have questioned experience.  I have even questioned associations.  I questioned the discernment of the American people who voted for a concept rather than a plan.  Heck–if anyone can tell me exactly what the president elect actually stands for, or even what he means when he uses the word change, I’ll go back to every blog I’ve written asking this question and amend them.  However, I am 100% certain that noone can tell me exactly what change means.  Because it’s not been explained. 

But I’ve not debased myself to name-calling. 

I’ve said it several times today, and I’ll keep saying it until we get a new president in either 4 (hopefully) or 8 years.  I support my president.  Because I’m an American.  United we stand, divided we fall.

But the game of name-calling makes me question whether you want to stand alongside me to bring about the elusive change that my president espouses.  My guess is no.

2 thoughts on “Sticks and stones…

  1. Your post got me thinking. Change means no unregulated banking conglomerates, no failed foreign wars where we are LIED to to get approval, no more people telling women what they should or should not do with their bodies, no spending billions to finance a war while Iraq has a SURPLUS of oil income (and spends it on building a WATER PARK) while we’re financing a rebuild with monies borrowed from our enemies. No more rebuilding foreign schools while our schools are UNDERFUNDED, and most importantly no more uninsured Americans!!!! That is MY idea of change. I appreciate that this is a passionate topic for everyone. But I firmly believe that we are part of the problem if we’re not holding our leaders accountable for their actions regardless of political party.

  2. Heather,

    Thank you for answering the question. WE all have very passionate ideas about what change means to us. I agree with most of what you say…I certainly don’t want my friends, family and countrymen fighting a war; I want to see Iraq stand on her own feet; I want to see schools here in the US have the competitive edge on other countries; I want to see us pay off our debts–especially with China and Japan–and live within our proverbial means. I absolutely want to see our leaders held accountable for their actions; I would love to see term limits on ALL elected positions in the government, not just the president; I would like to have the right to vote for Supreme Court justices in NJ rather than having our governor appoint them.

    BUT–what I really want to know is what Barack Obama defines as change. I’ve yet to hear him put meaning behind a word that means something different to every person alive…and I’ve yet to have someone tell me what he thinks. It’s awesome to run on one word and win on that world. What makes me apprehensive, to say the least, is that, while his marketing and rhetoric were amazing, I still don’t know where this man stands on one issue.

    That being said–Barack Obama is now my president, and I pray for the success of my country and of my leaders.


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