We went to a baseball game tonight.  Fall ball.  Brrrrrr….it’s cold at night now.  When did that happen?  Time is flying by.

Speaking of time flying by…at the game I walked down memory lane.  One of the fathers graduated from high school three years ahead of me.  I remember that he was in my Biology class when I was a freshman…he was always too cool to ever be friends with geeky me…though he was one of the nicer cool kids.  We had a good time reminiscing about all of the teachers who graced the halls of Woodbury High School as well as the elementary schools.  No matter who I speak to about high school, I always feel like I went to school in a completely different era than my contemporaries. It’s fun though.

Speaking of time flying by…I am spending more time reading right now than I did when I was a university student.  I’m reading books for review.  I’m reading books on apologetics.  I’m doing research on the stickier parts of the Bible.  My brain is attempting to process a bunch of information.  And I thank God for people who are smarter than I.  Tim Keller for example…smart guy.  One day I am going to his church in Manhattan just so I can personally thank him.  I’m learning a lot from The Reason for God.  Some of the things that I read make me cringe…as my wrong perceptions of my faith are being brought to light.  Some of the things that I read are literally helping me sleep better at night.  This is one of those books that I will keep closeby so that I can re-read it frequently.

Something about me is changing.  For so long, I had the hardest head of anyone that I know.  Recently, I’ve found myself…more teachable.  Instead of reading things or listening to them and jumping to my own conclusions, I am digesting the argument, the points, and I am truly eating the meat and spitting out the bones.  There is a bit more eating and a bit less spitting going on.

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