Double o seven

A few years ago–pre 9-11–my mom dragged me to see this woman perform prophetic drama/dance at our church.  I generally find these things….ummm….odd?  I’m a creative person, but some of the stuff that people do that they claim God inspires leaves me aghast.  So, I went.  I sat with my arms crossed, ready for a good laugh. 

I don’t remember too much about the dance, but I do remember something that I saw.  I saw me holding onto my passport, jumping around the earth, from continent to continent.  I told the woman what I had seen, and she told me that I am like 007.  One day I would travel the world, gaining entrance into countries that most Christians couldn’t, because the officials of the countries wouldn’t equate me with a Christian.  I tucked this away into my proverbial cap and moved forward.  I generally take what people tell me with a grain of salt…but there are some things that just stick with me.

Today I had a talk with my boss.  He’s decided that he wants me to start traveling with him, so that I can sit in on meetings and take the steps necessary at the end of the meeting.  My first trip is going to be exciting.  We’re going to Mechanicsburg, PA on Monday.  Now that, my friends, is an exciting town.  But down the line, I’m going to wind up traveling all over the world.  On a week or two’s notice.  My passport and I are excited.  I love to travel.  I would travel 90% of the time if I could.  I’m single at the moment. I don’t have kids yet.  Of course, when I settle down, get into a relationship, have kids, things will change. 

The best part about all of this is that we are embarking on some things that could potentially make great changes in the world…without divulging more than I should, I’m going to be working in some industries are pretty hot right now.  I am going to have the opportunity to meet people that I have no business meeting…industry leaders, world leaders.  Looking at my past…even my present…what I’m saying seems absolutely insane. 

When I broke up with my high school boyfriend, he told me that I would amount to nothing since I was nothing more than a quitter.  He was a complete jerk to me but those words have fueled my desire to be successful.  If I hadn’t moved around so much, gathered so much work experience and actually learned from my variety of jobs, I wouldn’t be sitting here typing this. 

Jason, if you read this, thank you.  What you meant to destroy me has actually made me stronger.  The joke, my friend, is on you 🙂

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