Today I saw that someone looked at my ‘About me’ section, and I realized I hadn’t updated it.  In a while.  Well over a year.  Sorry I’ve been a slacker.

Today, as my boss and I were interviewing people, the thought occured to me that I am really lucky to have found this job.  I’d hate to be on the other side of the table, interviewing.  Perhaps that is why I only interviewed, face to face, for one job.  I technically had two interviews for the job, but the second really didn’t count as I pretty much already had the job when I had the second interview.  Anyway…interviewing is STRESSFUL and I thank God that I am not a HR person.  As a matter of fact, I picked up a bottle of Merlot (shut up…I know that makes me a cliche!) on my way home.

I love hanging out with the guy I hung out with on Friday.  I have to tell you, though…my mind keeps racing for days afer we spend time together.  That is a compliment, because in many ways we are really complementary.  I think that together we are going to accomplish great things.  If nothing else, we are going to write a great book together.

I could keep going on and on…but I’ll save that for later.

Thanks for reading.

Oh yeah…mark your calendars.  My birthday is one week from Friday.  September 5.  It’s only the most important day of the year 🙂  I hope that I always love my birthday.

Gotta run.  For real.  US Open tennis is one.

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