Did you REALLY say that?

So, I’m officially finished with my job.  I went out for Korean bbq last night to my favorite Korean restaurant in Philly.  Ahhh….good memories, good times.  Today the marketing and finance departments took me out for lunch at Bertucci’s.  Since I was finished everything that I was asked to complete, I was allowed to leave.  Tomorrow I do have to deliver some implants, but I don’t consider it work as I am delivering to one of my favorite offices…an office that often felt more like home than my own office.

So, for me, the most interesting thing about leaving has been the things that I have been told…you know, the things that people withheld while I was there. 

  • You know, there are only two people here in the company that support you.
  • On my first day in the company, I was told not to talk to you because everyone hates you and noone talks to you.
  • I am the one who googled you.  I even read the post about someone googling you.

That’s just a taste of what I’ve experienced over the past few days.  I could go on and on, but I won’t. 

After the reality of my departure really sinks in, I’m sure I’ll have more to write.

For now…I’m going to decompress.

Oh yeah…to my former co-workers.  Thanks for the memories.  It’s been an INTERESTING ride, to say the very least.

One thought on “Did you REALLY say that?

  1. i love “i am the one who googled you. i even read the post about someone googling you.” CREEPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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