The desire to start my own business is growing more and more everyday.   I’ve never really entertained the thought too seriously.  But lately, I’ve been saying it, and it is becoming more real.  I would like to start a consulting business for people who are starting new businesses.  I worked with one of my friends to open a salon; working with this company was a start-up in the US; the position I just took is with a start-up.  When I worked at the bank, my favorite thing to do was to go to the new branches to help them open.  Once I get systems established, I generally get bored and need to find something else to do.

That is part of what was happening with my current job.  The first few times we ran the training, things were tough, but new and exciting.  The last time, I worked out of my rote memory.  Today we are doing drilling.  Today we are taking impressions.  I enjoyed going to DC to help them start their training.  After we start the next two trainings, it is going to be managing what is already in process.  Some people are really great at that.  Me…not so much.  I always need new challenges.

I used to think that this was a liability.  That is probably because the people that once surrounded me were the ones who liked to manage systems already in place.  They would tell me that I had commitment issues, and I agreed because obviously there was something wrong with me.

Now…I understand that I am a planter, a builder, a pioneer.  I like that about me. 

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