Self awareness and late nights

Rittenhouse SquareI have had an interesting couple of days. 

I was completely insane for a few days.  I realize, in hindsight, that much of my problem is/was ego and pride.  Until I was able to step out of my situation and look at the trigger of my insanity, I just reacted.  Then I realized that my pride was bruised, causing my reaction.  Being aware of the triggers (hopefully) will help me from reacting in the same manner in the future.  Here’s hoping.

Last night I found myself double-booked.  The little league had a beef-n-beer.  Yeah.  They are not so fun.  My sister and I went together.  It was like high school all over again.  We sat at a table with the two guys who noone else wanted to sit with.  Today we decided that we aren’t the rejects…everyone else was a bunch of rejects.  We honestly had fun just watching the people interact outside of the little league fields.  Maybe next year we’ll stay for the whole thing. 

After the beef-n-beer, I went out in the city with my friends.  One of my friends had never been out at the bars in the city.  We went to my familiar haunts in Rittenhouse Square.  We had some really good Cosmopolitans.  I just enjoyed being in the city with my girl friends.  We met up with one of my guy friends before the girls had to head home.  I wound up going to an after hours club and getting home at 4AM.  Today I promised that when I move to the city, I will open Cafe Deneen in my apartment and serve breakfast after a night out. 

Today I had breakfast and coffee with one of my best friends in the world who currently resides in Cali.  I was so happy to see her that I got teary eyed when I saw her.  We had such a great time just sharing life.  It is so refreshing for me to have the opportunity to just be with someone who knows the best and worst of me and still loves me.  There are so few people in my life about whom I can say that.  I can actually count those people on one hand.  So, for me the visit was bittersweet…so exciting to see her, but so sad to see her go.  The good news is that she is going to be moving to FL…so we’ll be able to meet in Miami for weekends. 

All in all, life is good.  I am developing a friendship with someone who seems to know me better than most people know me.  I really trust him.  He is someone that I completely believe in…I really want to see all of his dreams come true.  He challenges me to believe in myself more as well.  I hope that I do the same for him.  I am enjoying the development of the friendship.  I am enjoying the moments…and not projecting the future. 

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