Weekend stuff

Well, today is the first day of little league action.  My oldest nephew won his first game.  My youngest nephew’s game was called due to lightning.  Since they play under those power lines, I think the little league made a good call.  My oldest nephew hit a line-drive double to center field.  I wasn’t there to see it (as I was on coach pitch duty) but it is good to see him with some bounce back in his step.

Last night I had dinner with my friend Cindy.  I have to admit.  It is really nice to have a woman in my life around whom I can be me.  I can be excited about some of the things that are going on in my life that I would never write on here.  And I can be real about some things that I just can’t express to too many people. 

Did I mention that I sprained my ankle last weekend?  Sunday I wanted to go to the hospital, but after some ice and heat and Motrin, I thought I would recover quickly.  Today, almost one week later, I still need the ice and heat and Motrin.  Ugh.  So right now I am elevating the foot, hoping that the pain goes away. 

It’s been fun being vague.  Until next time…

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