Football stuff…

Oh yeah.  I forgot to post my football vent.  What the *bleep?!?!*

Imagine the horror I felt when I was sitting in a bar in Boston and I get a text telling me that Asante Samuel got signed by the Eagles.  The flipping Eagles?  C’mon guy.  Seriously?  I take this as a personal affront.  I understand you want more money.  I understand that the Pats are bull-headed and won’t overpay anyone.  But to leave New England for the Eagles means that I will have to listen to the most obnoxious, fair-weather fans cheer someone that, last year, played for my team.  When you do well, they’ll be convinced you’re taking them to the Superbowl.  When you drop a pass, you’d better wear a disguise and a bullet-proof vest, ’cause they’ll call for your death.


What is this world coming to?

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