Conference envy

There are some things that I’ve missed in the past, and I was disappointed.  For instance, I can’t go to Catalyst in October.  I have a wedding the following week, as well as several business trips over that period of time.  I know that the guys (and gals) at Catalyst try to outdo themselves every year.  This year is going to be amazing.  Next year, I’m sure, will be off the hook.

But, this week I am missing The Buzz Conference and I am sorely disappointed.  I know that the team at NCC will do the conference again next year and it will be awesome.  But…I really have the sense that I am supposed to be there.  God is not surprised that I am not there.  I will have to plan vacation time to be there next year.  Or, since we’re opening an office there, maybe I can plan a business trip there and kill two birds with one stone.

Oh well…I wish all of the Buzz people well.  I know that many of them are bloggers that I read daily.  I hope that they find a few moments to let the rest of us know what is going on 🙂

Well, I promised myself that I would get some sleep tonight.  Last night I didn’t sleep because I was so excited about my laptop.  I am still excited, but I am exhausted.

Tomorrow night I am going to write what God is doing in my life.  It’s some good stuff.

Peace out friends.

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