Happy Easter

easter-egg.jpgThe eggs have been found.  The candy baskets devoured.  The ham is prepared.  The manicotti are baking.  The cheese and crackers are gloriously displayed on the table.  The salad awaits dressing.

The question burning deep within my spirit is this:  where is the glorification of the Saviour who has risen in all of the preparations? 

I woke up once again feeling like a semi-truck ran me over as I was sleeping.  So, I stayed home and started reading a book that I received on missions in Asia.  It fits perfectly with a conversation that I had last Sunday evening about missions.  How many of you know how many indigenous, native missionaries are working throughout Asia?  Thousands upon thousands.  How many of them live on just $1 per day?  Most of them.  They put their necks on the line daily for the gospel.  The biggest sweat I’ve broken in the past few months was over whether or not people would accept a free cup of coffee yesterday.  Ouch. 

I asked God to show me what He wants for my life.  It seems that He is answering.  Not quite as subltey as I would have liked.

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