Sushi, maintenance and more

sushi.jpgI can’t stand Oswald Chambers.  He and I are not friends right now.  This morning, against my better judgment, I took My Utmost for His Highest on my commute.  This morning he spoke of how God meets us in the mundane things of life.  It really brought things into perspective for me.  And hit me on the chin.

As I was on my back, under a desk, screwing it together, I kept hearing his words over and over and over.  And, for the record, it’s a mighty fine desk.  And I didn’t get one bruise or lose one drop of blood.

Did I mention that I will have the opportunity to travel with my job?  I was told today that because I’m showing potential, I will have an opportunity to attend the next trade show.  I’m just hoping that it is in a city I’ve never visited.

We went out for lunch today to a Japanese restaurant called Fuji in Rittenjouse Square.  I had the best, freshest sushi I’ve ever had.  We had a fun lunch.  I am really enjoying getting to know my co-workers.  Our new salesman joined us today.  He keeps things interesting by asking questions during our training sessions.  Plus he likes to play with the implants.  And he’s looking forward to when we get to put the implants into the fake bone.  So, I’m excited to have him join our team.

So, all of our furniture has been constructed.  That means tomorrow I transfer from the maintenance department to the administrative department.  I get to play with mail-merge. 

One last note.  Eric’s coffee will be the death of me on Sunday nights.  It took me quite a while to finally pass out last night.  And my church is ruining my life.  I used to like my coffee weak aka light.  Now anything that is not a dark roast tastes like water.  I work for a dental implant company, and my teeth are going to be brown.  How ironic.

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