Censorship, notes of the week & stranger inspiration

bible.gifWell, I have officially completed my first week of work.  I survived.  I am completely exhausted…mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I’ve been censoring what I say about work because of many reasons.  It seems that someone from the company–or someone who know that I work for the company has been doing a search and coming up with my blog.  At first I was a bit freaked out.  Mainly because I have a…ummmm…unique point of view….and a unique sense of humor.  I find some things funny and comment on them…but if you do not know my sense of humor, you can easily be offended.  So, I’ve watched what I’ve said.  Which, honestly, is wisdom.  Ask for wisdom and you shall receive wisdom.

I’ll give a quick recap of my week.  This week I came to the realization that there are a bizillion dentists in Philadelphia, and I’ve only found a few hundred of them for my database.  I’m thankful to Pastor Kyle, Pastor Matt and my father for being un-handy.  The building skills that I’ve gained building have come in handy this week as I built two bookshelves and a desk.  I had the best meal that I’ve had in a long time this week when we ate at the Moshulu on Monday.  I had the opportunity to write a marketing email that will be distributed to dentists to draw them to a meeting we’re sponsoring in Seoul in April.

The company for which I am working is a great company.  It is awesome to work for a company that is proud of being an international company.  We are growing and that is exciting. 

Non-work related stuff:  I’m missing my friends.  Today Pastor John left me a voicemail…nothing major, just a hello in response to a voicemail I had left him earlier…and I cried.  I can’t wait until Sunday.  This morning I was inspired by a man on the train.  He busted out his BIG BIBLE and started reading and taking notes.  I think I’m going to follow his lead and start doing the same in the morning.  I need a spiritual B-12 shot, and there is nothing better than the Word of God to get me started in the morning.  So, Mr, Big Bible Man, thank you for your inspiration.  I pray that God blesses you abundantly for your faithfulness to Him this morning.

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