Diving in the working world…Sunday recap

Well, tomorrow I dive into the working world.  I am actually looking forward to beginning to have a “normal” schedule.  Though I’ve enjoyed the free form of my life for the past eight months, I realize that I do better with a schedule.  By schedule I mean having something to occupy my time so that I don’t become emotionally attached to the goings on of Oprah and Regis and Kelly 🙂

Tonight we had our first session of the relaunched Doxa group.  I really enjoyed myself.  Today was a very deep day, if you will.  The Rob Bell video we watched really made me think…and not in a think and discuss kind of way…more of in a deep reflection kind of way.  The same can be said of the sermon this morning.  For me, at least, both were calls to action, reminders.  Reminders of Whose I am and who I am.  Reminders that there are people in the world who need something that I have to offer.

Today I also had conversations with people I’ve not previously conversed with. I’m enjoying getting to know people in the church.  What amazes me is that we have so many people who are changing the world, one life at a time, yet they may not realize the impact that they are having.  In many ways, I’d prefer to be around people who don’t realize their impact…you know, humble people… rather than those who believe their press.

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