Day to day

Not feeling so well. So, I’ve been silent. At least today. Been reveling in the Pats win, the Eagles loss (sorry PJ,) the Australian Open.

Everytime God is about to do something awesome, I get a sinus infection. So, now I find myself looking forward to the Leadership Roundtable on Wednesday night. And the Women’s retreat this weekend. Who would’ve guessed I’d say that? And mean it.

I had to postpone my interview. I go tomorrow at 10AM. My prayer is that God opens the door He wants open and keeps the other doors closed. So, I walk in trust that God is God and that He is in control of everything.

I am looking forward to being in the city for the day. After my interview, I’m going to find myself a nice coffee shop in which I plan on writing for a few hours. Perhaps I’ll go up to Temple during the day as well. I hear there’s been a lot of construction on campus that I’ve yet to see. Or maybe I’ll take the bus home, get in my comfy clothes and call it a day.

No deep spiritual insights to be found here tonight. Just real life. Miracles are found in the mundane. I can’t wait.

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