A day in Philadelphia!

Fear is a cancer to the soul. It causes families to separate, rejecting one another before they can be rejected. Fear causes people to live in terrible situations and to remain in abusive work situations.

There is good fear and bad fear. Good fear saves people from being eaten by lions and from being run over by a oncoming bus. Bad fear makes you tremble in front of man. Good fear is reverence of God; bad fear makes a person postpone an interview for fear of rejection.

The past few days have been a micrcosm of hell for me. Our car broke down; I got sick; my father has put pressure on me to find a job and did not speak to me last night because I did not go to my interview because I was sick.

But today…today was a completely different ball game. I had one of the best interviews I’ve ever had. My interview was supposed to last for 30 minutes. I was in the room for an hour. I was supposed to meet with one man. I met with three. Before I entered the interview, I prayed that God would let me know as soon as I walked in the building whether or not this job was for me. I prayed that He would open the door that was supposed to be open and close the door that should be closed.

For the record, God changed the law of electromagnetic energy during my interview as well. I wore the necklace that Beth gave me for Christmas as well as my long earrings. Even now my earrings are sticking to my necklace. Not once during the interview did the metal attract to the magnets. Cool, eh?

I also made a friend from Poland today. I was sitting in Starbucks writing. I had my Bible out, and this blonde woman asked me to take a picture of her in Starbucks. I smiled and acquiesced her request. She explained to me that she is from Poland, visiting friends in Philadelphia. It turns out that she is studying at Georgetown in Washington, DC. She is doing post-doctoral work, a study of the martyrs. She is Catholic. We talked about everything from the Masons to the state of America to different perceptions of homosexuality in our countries. We exchanged email addresses. If (or when) I visit Poland, I have a place to stay đŸ™‚ In any case, I have made a new contact in Poland.

Long story short. Chill Pastor was correct. If you do not enjoy every moment of where you are, you will miss out on opportunities to bless other people…and to be blessed.

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