Oh when the Saints, go marching in

Oh when the saints, oh when the saints, oh when the saints come marching in….oh i want to be in the numbers, when the saints come marching in! As far as I’m concerned, Deuce McAllister deserves a raise. He’s my new hero…seriously.

At least, after tomorrow, I won’t have to hear about the Eagles for a couple of months…HALLELUJAH.
So, today I went to visit a friend in the hospital. She has pneumonia…and it’s pretty bad. She loves God with her whole heart and her whole being, but she is one of those people that confound me. I fully, 100% believe that God is a God who heals. But I also believe that He’s given man wisdom. So, when I have bronchitis, or anything else for that matter, I believe that He will heal me…whether it is miraculous or via medicine.
Back to my friend. She’s in the hospital because she’s allowed herself to get so run down that one of her lungs was completely overtaken with pneumonia. Now she can hold a conversation for only a few minutes without shortness of breath. She has a few other issues going on as well. She’s been believing that God would heal her. It landed her in the hospital. Yes, we have to have faith. But shall we exercise faith without the wisdom that God has given us? Is that not foolishness?
The bad news is that she’s going to be in the hospital for at least the next few days…and will likely end up back in the hospital if she doesn’t take care of herself. The good news is that I’ve lost my fear of hospitals this week. Two visits to the hospital, a potential third tomorrow, and I’m not breaking out in a cold sweat.

2 thoughts on “Oh when the Saints, go marching in

  1. WOW…you wasted no time at all to sing the praises of the Saints. You cheeky little monkey!!!!

    As for the hospital fear…well that’s one fear down, now I guess we will have to work on the fear of more than 5 women in a room at once 🙂

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