Snapper soup

There are times when I am ultra-sensitive, and then there are times when I am ulra-dense. One of my best friends shared something with me, and I thought, “Ok.”

I guess that I still think that I, and all of my close friends, are immortal. A regular band of superheroes. Yesterday, for the first time in my life, it occured to me that we are not.

And then I went into turtle mode. You know. A strong exterior, but my insides were snapper soup.

Last night, I prayed from the depths of my soul for my friend. Deep gut prayers that only God could possibly understand. I know a few things. I know that by His stripes, she is healed. I know that nothing is impossible for God. I know that with the faith of a fennel, I mean mustard seed, mountains can be moved.

I know that there are only two things that I can do for her right now. I know that I can pray for her, because God hears my prayers. And I know that I can be a friend to her…learn how to be the friend that she needs me to be right now, for such a time as this.

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