There is something that happens when you step onto the people mover that leads to your destiny. I understand that destiny is not a destination but the journey. But…there is something profound that occurs in every cell once you realize something that you have been called to do. When I use the word realize, I don’t mean that “aha” moment. I mean the aha moment married to an actualy step.

All day I’ve been walking around with a dopey grin on my face. It’s not that I am happy because something has been noticed. I am ecstatic because the deepest desire of my heart is to partner with God. For now, that means walking around a shopping center in one of the financial centers of South Jersey, just saying hello to people. The gospel is really profound in how simple it is. Looking at Jesus’ life, His mission was so simple. Smile at the people who are sick and tick off the people who are full of themselves. Wow…for all of my life I thought that I was just a jerk. Here is turns out that I am like Jesus. Haha…ok, maybe it’s not so black and white.

For now, I am the goofy looking redhead wearing the grin that literally hurts my face with seltzer for blood. Life could not be better.

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