What happens in women’s ministry…..

Stays in women’s ministry. Unless you have a blogger in the crowd. Muahahaha….(that is supposed to translate into the laugh of a mad scientist…or a witch…) Tonight I went to a meeting for our first annual Real Life Women’s Retreat. I went in apprehensively. I know that we have some amazing women in my church,Continue reading “What happens in women’s ministry…..”

Headed to Beantown for a few

Well, after nearly six months of trying, I am finally headed back to Boston for a few days. When I return, I’ll have my clothes, my shoes, my Tom Brady calendar, my favorite Bible. I can’t wait. I leave on Thursday afternoon and will return on Saturday afternoon. I’m fairly certain that 72 hours willContinue reading “Headed to Beantown for a few”

Real life, real issues

Tonight kicks off our women’s ministry at The Sanctuary. We’re getting together for dessert, recipe swapping and a short devotional. Women’s ministry freaks me out. In my previous experience, women’s ministry began as a light-hearted tea with some deep morsels from God. It morphed into a militant good ol’ gals club. I wasn’t one ofContinue reading “Real life, real issues”