Real Life, part deux

I begin this by saying that I love the women of The Sanctuary. My mom attended our chick night, and she left with nothing negative to say. She thinks that the women of our church have really sweet spirits. For her to leave with that impression is a miracle. So, thank you!

Have I mentioned that I love the women of The Sanctuary? In your average church, when you ask a bunch of women to make their signature dessert and to bring recipe cards, you get a whole lot of desserts and a whole lot of recipe cards. You leave the place needing a cup of salt because you are just about in a sugar coma.

At The Sanctuary, you tell a group of women to bring a signature dessert and recipe cards. What you get is meat loaf, buffalo deviled eggs, hot cheesy dip, lasagna and a bunch of desserts, with only one available recipe card for the buffalo deviled eggs! I love that I am in a church where we are free to be ourselves…our original, zany, funny, irreverent knucklehead selves. There is no fear of being reprimanded for being original. There is no fear that people are going to make fun of you for the food that you brought. I think that we celebrate our uniqueness rather than fear it. What a place of freedom.

What is amazing as well is that the underlying tension I mentioned in my previous blog was obviously not present. I think that we all actually like each other. I didn’t have the sense that anyone tried to control the evening…it was basically an organic night with one part flowing naturally into the next. The teaching was intense, but in the spirit of celebration, that shows her uniqueness as well.

I’m a bit less afraid of women’s ministry. Just a little.

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