Ice, perspective and seminary

Looking out the window, the world looks so beautiful.  Everything is so shiny…the light reflecting off of the trees would make a breathtaking photo. But, the reality of it is that when you step outside the door, NJ is a sheet of ice right now.  Taking to the roads (and sidewalks) is very dangerous.  AddContinue reading “Ice, perspective and seminary”

Diving in the working world…Sunday recap

Well, tomorrow I dive into the working world.  I am actually looking forward to beginning to have a “normal” schedule.  Though I’ve enjoyed the free form of my life for the past eight months, I realize that I do better with a schedule.  By schedule I mean having something to occupy my time so thatContinue reading “Diving in the working world…Sunday recap”

Googled, evolving amoeba and community

Wow.  Someone googled me.  And found my blog.  I don’t know that I’ve ever been googled before.  And when did “googled” become a verb?  Inquiring minds want to know.  I think I may be a bit uncomfortable with that.  Maybe I should get over that?  Anyway…tonight I met with Colleen, Pastor John and Beth, andContinue reading “Googled, evolving amoeba and community”