Transparent, real, raw

I wish I were the friend who could tell you what you want to hear.  I wish I were the person who could tell you, and fully believe, that tomorrow, when you wake up, everything will be better.  But God has not given me the gift of tickling your ears, of telling you what youContinue reading “Transparent, real, raw”

Direct mail & not-so-deep spiritual insights

So, today I actually felt like I accomplished something.  I sent out half of the mailers for our direct mail campaign.  For the record, direct mail…sucks.  I think I’ve permanently lost feeling on the tips of three fingers because of having to stick 592 stamps on 148 mailers.  Not to mention the 396 total labels. Continue reading “Direct mail & not-so-deep spiritual insights”

Valentine’s Day

I think that Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day that has been set aside to show people that you love them.  Thank God we have Hallmark to remind us, for one day, to love people.  In case Jesus didn’t stress it enough in the Bible.  I don’t know why, but this day seems to bring out insecuritiesContinue reading “Valentine’s Day”

Ice, perspective and seminary

Looking out the window, the world looks so beautiful.  Everything is so shiny…the light reflecting off of the trees would make a breathtaking photo. But, the reality of it is that when you step outside the door, NJ is a sheet of ice right now.  Taking to the roads (and sidewalks) is very dangerous.  AddContinue reading “Ice, perspective and seminary”