Slavery exists in the US

There is so much outrage because of open slave markets in Libya…and I join that outrage.

What makes me so angry is that there are slaves here, today, in 2018, in the United States of America, and it seems like no one is saying a word. I guess it’s okay if a woman is a slave as long as your nails look pretty? Or you “massage” ends “happy.” Or as long as the price point on your food remains low. Or as long as you tell yourself that the woman you paid for sex “made a choice to do that for a living.”

Don’t believe me? Check out these 11 slavery FACTS.

Women and CHILDREN are being brought into the country, in deplorable conditions, to be BOUGHT AND SOLD FOR SEX. Yet…we look down on Libya while this is happening here. Today.

We get justifiably mad about the trans-Atlantic slave trade while there are MORE slaves today in the US than there were at the HEIGHT of the slave trade we’re taught about in school.

America–get off your high horses for a minute and take a look at your own home. In two weeks, the most lucrative day for the slave trade in American is upon us. THE SUPER BOWL.

Right now, women and children are being smuggled to Minneapolis. While we’re drooling over Justin Timberlake during the half time show, cursing men playing a game for messing up our pools or missing a pass or dropping a ball, women and children are being raped by men who purchased them to do so.

Then, after the MVP trophy is handed out, and the winning city is planning a parade to celebrate a stupid game, those women and children will be shuttled to the next town to be raped.

Yes, I am pissed off about slavery in Libya. But…I am more pissed off that lazy America doesn’t think it is our problem. Chances are HIGH that today, as you’re going about your day, you’re going to encounter a slave…but what do you care? We’re the US.

There are some organizations that are doing great things to help stop human trafficking. A21 Campaign and Free International are two examples that I follow personally. The things that they see would probably put most of us in a straight jacket.

The United States is, in my opinion, the best country on earth. I love this country. But….people…we need to wake up and smell the roses. We can’t take the bit of dust out of the countries of the world while we have a flipping log in our own eye.


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