It feels like Christmas!!!!!

Greetings from Philadelphia! So, it’s Christmas season. For many people that means presents. For me, that means COOKIES!

This year, I took the responsibility of baking our Christmas cookies. I made 8 types of cookies. That equals about 20 dozen cookies. I love to bake…it really calms me down…it’s like therapy for me.

cookie ingredientsYou see, when I was a kid, my sister and I baked Christmas cookies with my mom and Aunt Lorrie. We didn’t have all of the amenities. We had wooden spoons, a hand mixer and our hands. Yet we banged out dozens upon dozens of cookies. The cookies were delicious. Those simple days remain some of my fondest memories.

It amazes me how many recipes are dependent on technology. Put these ingredients in a “stand mixer with a paddle attachment.” Put these ingredients in a food processor. Y’all, I felt like Laura Ingalls over the past 2 and a half days. I have a hand mixer, a rubber spatula and my hands. At first, I was a bit annoyed with the recipes.

Then I remembered being a kid. I heard my mother telling me, “Girl, overcome and improvise.” The best part of making cookies, aside from eating them, was getting my hands sloppy squishing the ingredients together. Your girl got her hands d-i-r-t-y and got those cookies made.

cookies finished

Now, I need prayer, y’all. These cookies are sitting right behind my computer, sealed up tightly. They are YUMMY.

Are you ready for Christmas? What’s your family tradition?

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