Just Try

How are you readers? How’s things? HAPPY THANKSGIVING WEEK!

Thankful pumpkin

Well, while most people are making sure that their most comfortable leggings are clean and that they can conceivably match them with a Thanksgiving sweater, I’ve decided to re-start my fitness journey. I’m even logging all of the food that has entered my pie hole. Who does that on the week known for gluttony? Someone who is certifiably insane…lol

Why am I doing this to myself? Well, I’m working on my mindset. I plan to be successful in every area of my life. Saturday I was doing my daily challenge, and the woman said something that hit me between my eyes. She said that people who are truly successful are successful in every area of their lives: body, mind and spirit. She asked, “How many truly successful people do you watch who are unhealthy?” She went onto say that healthy people workout and eat well…it’s just a matter of their day. It’s always a part of the agenda…either to work out or at least move the body.

Yesterday during my meditation/prayer session, I was really trying to dig deep…asking God what I should do. I have a million ideas about what I can do. I know what my passion is. But…I have this thing wherein I overthink everything. Yesterday, I heard very clearly, “Just try.” That’s it. Two words.

just try

I want to impart those words to you as well. Just try. What is something that you’ve wanted to try, but you haven’t? What is something that you know you’d be great at, but that you haven’t attempted out of insecurity or fear?

Let’s end 2017 on a great note…pushing fears aside. What are you going to try? Leave me a comment below!



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