Wanna know a secret

Want to know a secret about me? I hate firsts. First dates. First day of a new job. I am very much a creature of habit…so I stick with what I know. 

This week…I get to work on my first website. Even writing that makes my mouth go dry and my palms sweat. 

I’m good at learning. You show me how to do something, and I can easily master it if I want to. I wanted to learn how to apply my makeup NOT like a clown…so I watched a tutorial and practiced. 

I wanted to learn C++ in college. I failed miserably. I just didn’t get it. The code I wrote ran in a loop and never stopped. I gave up. 

Well…this week I have to kill the inner tech quitter in me. And I’m scared. I’m scared I’m going to not get it. That I’m going to botch it. 

I’ve literally been avoiding this step for about a month. No joke. It’s not like I can die from trying…but I’ve been paralyzed by fear. 

This week is tech week. Pray for me. 

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