It’s GO time!!!

My day started with a squeak. Ok…a series of squeaks. 

Let me backtrack. I have a crippling fear of rodents. I don’t know why or where it came from…but they freak me out. Last year I had a mouse situation. That little guy lived IN MY STOVE!!!!! I was literally afraid to enter my kitchen. 

My landlord set up traps. He sealed any holes between me and the outside world. He made my houseguest disappear. 

This morning, I walked into my kitchen to take my morning supplements, and I heard a squeaking. I pretended not to hear it. Then…I opened my pantry door, saw what I saw, screamed expletives and RAN OUT OF THE KITCHEN. I texted my landlord to come deal with the problem and exiled myself at a local coffee shop. 

I woke up fearful, sullen and all over mopey. Fear of an itty bitty rodent pushed me out of the house and into productivity.  Huh?

You see, I’ve been allowing my fears to keep me in my place. Today, I pushed through and made more progress in five hours of exile than I have in 6-8 weeks. Today, I decided that I need to share what I have inside me with the world. Today, I put my guts into an outline. 

This is where the rubber meets the road. This is where I put my actions where my words are. This is GO time

While I hope that mouse is now in mouse heaven with all of his little ancestors, I’m thankful for that bigger scaring me out of my house…and out of my comfort zone. You see…this is the part where I find out who I am. 


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