The power of a smile

A million years ago, I had a friend/coworker named David. That guy was always so bloody happy…I never understood it. He was always quick with a smile, ready to listen. 

I, on the other hand, was always scowling. It wasn’t necessarily intentional. I just didn’t smile all the time. 

I didn’t have a valid reason to be unhappy. I wasn’t depressed. I just wasn’t overflowing with joy. 
As I’ve aged like a fine wine, I’ve learned the value of a smile. In the city, it disarms people…and I know, for me, when someone smiles at me, it can literally change my day. 

This morning, I almost got run over by someone while in a crosswalk. Let’s not discuss how he was on the phone and wearing an Eagles jersey!😝 On the next block, a gentleman smile and gave me a hearty good morning. 

I have a choice. Am I going to let a ride, careless driver dictate my mood, or the smiling man? I’m choosing smiles all day long. 

Now, go on and smile at someone. 

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