Endings and beginnings

Well…today was my last day. I’m not gonna lie…it was tough. I was okay until my boss came up and talked to me. You see…the reason I stayed so long was because of him. And our patients. Even as I write this, I’m crying. On a train. 

I’ve worked for and with a bunch of dentists. Not everyone has a heart for people like my boss. I worked for one other guy who loved people as much as he does. And, for the record, I cried when I left my first office too. With both doctors, we just knew one another well enough that, when we locked eyes, we just knew. And cried. And neither of them are/were emotional men. 

Tomorrow, when I wake up, my life will be different. I don’t have to wake up on Monday at 0400 to workout and grab a train. I don’t have to check a schedule, anticipating what my day will look like according to the way patients are scheduled. I don’t have to worry about my hygiensists or EFDAs getting lunch. All I have to worry about is creating a future in which my heart can truly sing, in which I can impact as many people as possible and get my father retired so he can enjoy a few years of his life. 

I am truly grateful for the opportunity I’ve had for the past five years. And I am truly excited about the future. For tonight, though, I will have puffy eyes, because I made a decision to leave the dysfunctional family…who on occasion put the fun in dysfunctional…I have known for the past half a decade. 

I’ll also miss the beautiful gardens 😊

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