Church, humility

Part of my holistic recovery is getting back into church. What does it matter if I’m physically and emotionally healthy if I’m spiritually dying? So, today, I went to church. 

Today’s sermon was on…drum roll please…HUMILITY. You see…I’m a slow learner, so God had to really drive the lesson home.

I’m going to be really honest. When I normally walk into church, I put off the vibe that if you talk to me, I may eat you alive. I’m not proud of it…but my porcupine quills are real. Today…something really strange happened. People spoke to me. I let my defenses down a little. It felt good. 

I’m learning that I need people in my life. More than that, I need God in my life…to be the center of my life. I can’t afford to be an island any longer, and I can’t afford to hold onto things that were never mine to hold. 

Don’t get it twisted. I still have a backpack full of crap. Rome wasn’t built in a day. It’s taken me 41 years to get to this place where my life looks like a war torn country. This week, some of the rubbish has been cleared. The storm is over. It’s time to tear down the broken down edifices and allow a season of rebuilding to occur. 

I’m pretty excited to see what is to come. I know that the breaking down is going to be painful…but the reconstruction that God is about to do is breathtaking. 

6 thoughts on “Church, humility

  1. I’m proud of you – both for going and for letting down your guard. Keep it up!
    As I’m finding in my physical wellness program, growth after a long period of idleness is quite painful. Especially in the early days, before there is any noticeable improvement, it can be quite discouraging. Don’t quit when it gets difficult – stay connected. It will be worth it.

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