The Best Laid Plans…

Have you ever had a plan set up, in your mind, only to have all he’ll break loose? Yeah…that’s the story of this week. 

You already know about the wheel chair trip to the ER. That was a hoot, hopefully never to be replicated. 

Today I met with my GI doctor. I really like him. He is really nice, not at all condescending, and has a great bedside manner. I wish we weren’t discussing my colon…lol…or the enormous bruises on my arms from Cujo. 

But I digress. I have a colonoscopy scheduled for August 2. I was hoping for July, but I have to wait for my colon to chill out. That means I’m going to be eating nothing fun for a month! A whole month! 😭😭

Aside from no-fun July, I am afraid of having anything done in August. Since 1993, August has been a month that has a black cloud over it. I won’t go into the depressing details…I have to find a therapist for that…but, if you’re a praying person, please storm the gates of heaven for me. God is bigger than all of my fears, and on the rock of that truth I shall stand. 

Until next time…may God bless you. Thanks for reading. 

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