38 has been rough

First, I find out my small little thyroid gland is being attacked by my immune system causing all kinds of exhaustion and other symptoms.

Then, 5 days ago, I woke up in excruciating pain. Three days ago, I was in the ER because of pain. Two days ago, I found myself in a surgeon’s office scheduling a date to have my gall bladder removed.

It was inevitable. I’m one of the few women in my family who has one. But it’s confusing. Up until 5 days ago, I could eat just about anything. I’ve been avoiding gluten due to the thyroid…but everything else was fair game. And now, here I sit, in pain because of mashed potatoes and scallops? Really?

38 has been a health doozey. I can’t wait to be rid of my dysfunctional organ, but I truly can’t wait until my birthday, to say adios to 38.

It could always be worse. My family is healthy. I don’t have a terminal illness. I am a blessed woman over all…just at midnight, on a Friday, I’d much prefer to be sleeping instead of killing time until my gall bladder chills out and we can sleep.

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