YOU are my Rock

Today I got news that was a one-two punch to the gut. It literally brought me to my knees, knocked the wind out of my lungs and made my eyes explode with water. To be completely honest, my knee jerk reaction was to reach for a wine glass.

Instead of numbing the pain, I turned on some worship music and got on my knees and wept. I allowed God to touch me, and suddenly, angst was replaced by peace.

I felt like Peter sitting by the fire after he had denied Jesus three times.  Jesus walked up to Peter, and I imagine Peter being ashamed, bereft, not feeling worthy of Jesus paying him any mind. Jesus, however, asked Peter three times if he loved him. Do you agape me, Peter? Do you agape me, Peter? Do you phileo me, Peter? Jesus met Peter where he was, and that is what Jesus did to me today. My life feels like a complete train wreck. I feel like a complete failure. Yet Jesus met me in my blubbering mess, wiped my tears, and asked me to stand up.

Please keep my family in your prayers. Please keep me in your prayers. Be encouraged. Jesus will meet you by the fire, wherever you are, if you will just look up. He truly is your Rock…or can be if you choose to put your trust in Him.

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