Dear American church

It is time for you to stop your petty infighting and start worshiping the living, breathing God instead of the god that is pride, money, and fame. Please. People are going to burn in HELL if you keep up your antics. God doesn’t care about your liturgy, music, or which version of the Bible you read. He wants you to show people who HE is. Do you not understand that people’s eternity is on the line, or do you not care?

I have seen too many people I love and care about so deeply scarred by you that they have lost their faith in God. At times, I feel like a survivor in a war zone walking down the street, seeing my loved ones blown to pieces.

God is not pleased with the church. The American church is like the bride in Hosea who commits adultery. The only difference is that you are so blinded by money, so deafened by the sound of your own voice that you do not sense the Holy Spirit weeping over you.

Please, wake up before it is too late. When you go out tomorrow, actually look into the eyes of  stranger. Let someone know that you know that they are a human being. Share not what your stupid church can offer, but what Jesus offers. Offer to someone the Bread of Life. If you don’t truly know the King of kings and the Lord of lords, get on your knees and ask Him to reveal Himself to you.

Whatever you do, stop embarrassing God, misrepresenting Jesus and grieving the Holy Spirit.


One thought on “Dear American church

  1. Thank you for your words of encourangement this is truly a warning to us and i take this very seriously, thanks again.


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