It’s been a long time since I wrote more than a brief update blog. I promised myself this year that I would take more time and write…but this year has…well…sucked. I also found that many times I was censored and therefore reticent to share my thoughts on my blog.

Life is looking up these days. Mom has survived two cancers, chemo and radiation. She has decided to take control of her diabetes. I’m loving the new job…and I think that, one day, I’ll love Woodbury. (It’s still really strange to see people that I knew 18 years ago…that I remember being 18, who are now in their 30’s.)

I’m working on getting my personal life under control as well. I’ve paid the price for some mistakes I made and now it’s time to cut away some dead weight and moving forward.

I have been challenged by three different people who have no connection to one another to start writing. So, tomorrow I am going to start on my quest. I have no idea how to even begin, but I’m going to try.

I’m going to start writing more blogs too. Again, I have no idea what shape or form they will take, though…I’m certainly not the same person who started this blog…

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