Oh the humanity

So, I started the new job. I like it. It’s a pretty big transition. New office. New doctors. New co-workers. New commute. New fellow commuters. New schedule.

Out of all of the change, the consistency of the commute-at least in the morning-is the biggest adjustment. I take the same route with the same cast of characters. And characters they are. It is amazing what people will unabashedly proclaim to a complete stranger.”Yeah, I just got off a nine year sentence. Now I’m in a halfway house.” That was the highlight thus far.

I’m taking the human lessons I learned from my last office into my new office. Co-workers are wary of me because two women have been fired in the past six months. I’m not letting others’ insecurities get to me.

Here goes day 3.

2 thoughts on “Oh the humanity

  1. God Bless!

    I hope that all goes well in your new job. The best is yet to come! I miss your long blogs. I am back from India. His loving-kindness is new every morning!


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