God is into details

So, I’m reading through the Bible in 90 days through a reading plan on youversion.com…more accurately, through the youversion application on my phone. Anyway…

I’m not doing an exhaustive study of the Bible. My goal is simply to read through the Bible. I’m praying before I read each day that God show me what He wants me to see that day in that section of scriptre.

Here’s what I’m learning about God and the Bible, and some questions that have popped up for me:

  • Leviticus is NOT breakfast reading. All of the sacrifices and sprinkling of blood is enough to turn my stomach.
  • God is a God of the details. God designated certain people to carry certain parts of the tabernacle as they Israelites were travelling around for 40 years.
  • God is the perfect mix of grace and accountability. He holds His people to a certain standard….but He doesn’t want to be angry with us or to punish us. If you don’t believe me, read Leviticus.
  • Reading the Bible daily really changes my perspective on my day. I’m nowhere near getting to the New Testament. I’m reading some of the driest reading that there is…literally list upon list upon list of people, items, who’s supposed to carry what, who’s responsible for what…yet I find myself with the peace that surpasses all understanding.
  • God ordained certain feasts be celebrated forever.  See Leviticus 23. Why is it that the Christian church doesn’t celebrate these days, let alone teach on these things? This question has bothered me for a long time, but now I want answers. And I don’t want the crappy “Well, Deneen, you know, when the veil was torn in two, things changed” answer. That’s a cop out. Is it that it feels better to celebrate Christmas (culturally acceptable but not really Biblical) than Passover or Rosh Hoshanah?

There are just some things that I’ve noticed. Please feel free to start a conversation….

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