I want to write something that will make you think, but right now I have more of a splatter of ideas going through my head that I need to get out.

Turns out that there are a lot of voices of dissent rising from what seemed like a group of people who were all assimilated into one culture. The irony of this movement is that being a voice of dissent means following Biblical principles rather than the doctrine of man. That’s a whole blog in and of itself.

God has been challenging me on my morning commutes…instead of listening to music and sleeping, I’m listening to podcasted sermons that are making me hungry for more. Today I listened to Eric Delve from St. Luke’s in Maidstone, England. He is one of those people in my life whose voice alone challenges me to want to be closer to God. His sermon was about the Holy Spirit today…and spiritual gifts. Yeah…two things that I know nothing about…lol…two things about which I am passionate.

This weekend I’m having me some mom time. Dad’s working. Denette’s kids will be with their daddy. Denette will be out. So, mom and I will be bonding. I miss my mom time. I appreciate it all the more since her battle with cancer.

Don’t tell anyone, but I think I’m starting to grow some roots here in Philly. This weekend I spent the entire weekend in the city…Friday night and Sunday night I spent time with people from the neighborhood. I really want to develop relationships with them because if this is where God has called me, then He has called me to make friends in this town. My desire to find a church in which to worship is deepening…please be praying that God leads me where He wants me to be…and that I am obedient.

Sorry for the snippets…I know that it’s time to start blogging again…so be on the lookout for more deep thoughts by Deneen White…lol

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