Happy Easter…now leave

I love the church.  I may not be writing too much about the church lately because I’m going through my own personal stuff right now that needs to be fleshed out.  But I do love the church.

Someone I know was sent a letter last year, asking her and her husband to leave their church.  Just before they were going to christen their first daughter.  The reason:  the church didn’t receive enough envelopes with their names on them with donations to the church.  I was incensed.

Today, she came up to me and told me that, again, she received a letter from another church.  They went through their records for the past two months and didn’t receive enough envelopes.  She and her family were asked to leave a second church.

What the hell is wrong with the church?  Really?  I’ve read the Bible.  I distinctly DO NOT REMEMBER JESUS TURNING PEOPLE AWAY FOR NOT GIVING IN ENOUGH ENVELOPES. This is why people are turned off by the church.  This makes me sick to my stomach.

I asked her for the address to her church.  Because I would love to write a letter.  I would love for this church to give me a scriptural reference backing up their doctrine of kicking people out of church for not giving in enough envelopes.

Rant over.  Discuss amongst yourselves.  Or throw stones at me.  Your choice.

2 thoughts on “Happy Easter…now leave

  1. I am admiring your tags (if you scroll all the way down). The biggest ones are RAW REAL LIFE GOD MOMENT FRIENDS. That is what church should really be about. Not envelopes.

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